Thursday 22 September 2016

Rakhi's Sale in School !!!!!

MMPians took a pleasure to design the Rakhis during August for Rakhi celebration and sold out to school students by making profit domestically on a large scale. They learned to design the RAKHIS under Workshop Training and came out with immensely beautiful ideas to design the Rakhis !


Students of classes VIII, IX and XI made rich efforts to prepare the hand made crafts with their artistic talents in a unique way.

Students timely completed their targets of designing products during their activity period in a collaborative way. With maximum use of resources efficiently and effectively they worked as a team for designing handicrafts products and earned high appreciation for their efforts from the people around. They prepared the raw materials like GREETING CARDS, MADHUBANI PAINTINGS, APRONS DESIGNING, POT MAKING, HANDMADE FLOWERS, JUTE BAGS, GANESHA IDOLS, HANDKERCHIEFS etc in school painting room under teacher's supervision during their activity period.

Madhubani paintings

Students of M.M.P.S grabbed the local market around school campus in Pitam Pura Community center during weekends for displaying their handicrafts exhibition.With all these efforts, they organised their HANDICRAFTS EXHIBITION at a grand scale and earned the profit gearing revenue.

Bumper Sale By tiny Tots at their PARENT's TEACHERS MEETING !

                        WE CREATE
                                        WE TAKE RISK
                                                             WE LIVE OUR PASSION
                                                                                             WE ARE ENTREPRENEURS
After the successful sale of Flame-less cooking food by Junior MMPians for teachers in school campus, they joined their hands again to sell the food starters at their Parent's Teacher Meeting. This time there was a huge excitement in Tiny Tots as their participation increases from just 25 to massive 60. They brought the raw materials with the help of their parents as part of their class room activity from local neighborhood market and got the utensils from Home science lab for the preparation of dishes with the help of class teachers.

1. Students of IInd class tried out their hands in making BOILED CREAMY MACARONI in their class as an excellent starter with the beginning of P.T.M. They brought Macaroni from their home and made it into dish in their class.

2.Students also tried out their hands at Mouth water Indain dish- SPROUTS CHAAT . Kids chopped the onions and tomatoes with the help of teacher and brought boiled sprouts and spices ingredients from their home at a cheaper rates. They prepared the dish in the class and served to teachers in their staff rooms. 

3. With the same enthusiasm students from Ist Class prepared FRUIT CHAAT. They brought 3 to 4 fruits from their home and chopped them in the class. They beautifully designed the plates with fruits and sold it out to the parents.

3. Students displayed their food items at respective classes also to catch the attention of parents.

Saturday 3 September 2016


Students creatively tried their efforts at making yummy mouth watering eatables that catches the attention of every taste bud..........

They manage to buy the raw material from their local market areas near by their home and volunteered themselves for preparing the dishes with the help of home science teacher.
School Entrepreneur Club students made the target to sell Indian favorite street chat BHEL PURI, SANDWICHES and SPRING ROLLS to sell parents and students on Parents Teacher Meeting.


M.M.P.S juniors tried their hands at Flameless cooking in a fruitful way to enrich the healthy taste buds.

1. They made Fruits Yoghurts,Fruit lollypop and Fruit Breadsticks. They brought the raw material from their home as a cost savy method  as a part of their Home science activity and sell it to the teachers and administrative staff.

2. With high spirits, students also participated in making Jems sweet breads , sandwiches and cookies with the help of teachers and brought smile to many faces to whom they served. The raw material jems ,breads and biscuits was carried by the students only and tomato ketch up was provided to them by the school at a very nominal price.

All this yum food dishes were served and sold to teachers in their staff room as they got huge encouragement and motivation. Their mentors also got appreciation for this successful profit making task. 

               LITTLE HANDS AT WORK

The journey of Entrepreneurial club of MMPS started with the launch of SEC-2014 school. It has created platform for the students to enhance the vocational knowledge of students and encouraged the appreciation of the team work of entrepreneurial club.
Our Logo“Little Hands at Work” is self explanatory in acknowledging the community about the creativity and skills of our young entrepreneurs in exploring the ways to develop their minds towards establishing business attitude.