Saturday, 3 September 2016


M.M.P.S juniors tried their hands at Flameless cooking in a fruitful way to enrich the healthy taste buds.

1. They made Fruits Yoghurts,Fruit lollypop and Fruit Breadsticks. They brought the raw material from their home as a cost savy method  as a part of their Home science activity and sell it to the teachers and administrative staff.

2. With high spirits, students also participated in making Jems sweet breads , sandwiches and cookies with the help of teachers and brought smile to many faces to whom they served. The raw material jems ,breads and biscuits was carried by the students only and tomato ketch up was provided to them by the school at a very nominal price.

All this yum food dishes were served and sold to teachers in their staff room as they got huge encouragement and motivation. Their mentors also got appreciation for this successful profit making task. 

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